1. What is Doggy Dating Agency?

      Doggy dating agency is a platform for you to find a playmate or breeding partner for your dog.


    2. How does it work?

      Our developers developed a unique algorithm that will let you find the ultimate match for your dog.


    3. What are the levels of membership?

      We have three levels of membership that will give you different access to our website. Please check out the link for more information https://www.doggydatingagency.com/memberships/1/


    4. What’s in the activity section?

      In the activity section you’ll be able to see all the activities that you have done on the website including chats and profiled views.


    5. What does the message centre do?

      That’s where all the chats are held. Every dog has a separate chat platform and all of them can be seen here.


    6. Will my identity be revealed on any search?

      No, only your dogs profile.


    7. Can I create a profile if I don’t have a dog?

      Yes, you can.


    8. What does playmates mean?

      If you’re looking for a playmate for your dog meaning a dog that you can have your dog safely play with so you should use this search option.


    9. Can I delete my profile?

      Yes, under the setting you will have an option to delete or suspend your profile.


    10. How can you contact us?

      You can always email us on


    11. What countries is this website mostly prominent in?

      This is a global website so it will work for any country in the world.